Exam Fever

Examination is a very common assessment and evaluation tool in schools and educational institutions. Some students have difficulties while preparing effectively for exams. The common problems they face are lack of preparation, lack of concentration and focus on the course material.These issues can be worked out with strategies to enhance their efforts.  Such as:

  • Make a schedule and work out how much time is needed for each subject.
  • Study a little each day.
  • Ask your teachers for help, they will be glad to assist.
  • By adopting these little steps students can overcome the fear of exams forever.

Garima Mishra // Facilitator


Festival means to meet our dear ones and to spend time with our family. This is the beauty of our country that we celebrate each day with new hope. Our festivals teach our new generation about peace, love, and togetherness. Each festival is related to some positive thoughts and hope. Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas, Gurpurb and New year etc. are few names which are related to different religions but celebrated by all. It shows “Unity in diversity”.

Suman Silwal // Fecilitator // Samsara School

Value Education

“Life without value education is like a ship without a rudder”

Education does not just mean teaching the students how to read, write and get a job. It also includes developing the personality of the students by imbibing in them a good set of values which enables a person to raise his or her self-esteem. The values taught in schools like discipline, punctuality, honesty, perseverance and patriotism help them realise the importance of love and peace and non-violence. Life is short and precious and so, it should be spent wisely, truthfully and happily.

Priya Singh // Facilitator // Samsara School

Importance of workout

The human body is the most precious gift and the most important creation of the God. We must keep it healthy and fit by taking good care of it. For good health, workout is very important. Exercise has many benefits. It not only makes our body strong and fit but also nourishes our mind. There are so many exercises one can do without spending much money on gym. These exercises need little supervision and enhances our lung capacity and our flexibility. Such as morning walk,Yoga, jogging, skipping, aerobics, cycling and swimming etc.

Apart from exercise outdoor games like cricket, badminton, hockey, football, basketball etc. are very good for health. Exercise has been proven to decrease the risk of both anxiety and depression in children and adults.

In conclusion exercising is the key to making your life healthier, longer and happier.

Kalyani Verma // Facilitator // Samsara School

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy.

Junk food can be a treat to the taste buds, but the ill effects of these foods are widely known. Its regular consumption can have adverse effects on our health and may cause irreparable damage to the body. Several scientific researchers have proved that Junk food can leave us prone to heart diseases.

Any food that has no or negligible value can be considered as junk food. Most of the fast food  including candy , bakery products, burgers, sausages, salty and oily snacks or soft drinks can be categorized as junk food .They have a high calorie content, salt and fats. The more we consume these, the less is the intake of essential nutrients and vitamins in the body.

Consumption of junk food can lead to a lot of health problems, some of them can be……….

  • Increased Obesity
  • Loss of memory and learning problems
  • Depression
  • Inadequate growth and development

We can’t control everything in our life, but we can control what we put in our body. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, so think twice when you eat.

Pinky Yadav // Facilitator // Samsara School



Why should we say “No” to plastics?

Say No to Plastic because it takes 1000 years to decompose into smaller pieces, which seep down into the soil and release chemicals, which eventually reach the water supply. Manufacturing of plastic bags is harmful to the environment because non-renewable resources are used (petroleum and natural gas).

Here are some simple slogans to say (NO TO  PLASTIC) in any way:-

1) Plastics give a helpful hand, but they are polluting our land!

2) If you are ‘Fantastic’ then do something ‘Drastic’ to cut the ‘Plastic’

3) Go Green, Plastic is Obscene!

4) Handle with care, plastic is everywhere

5) Don’t be drastic; Say “NO” to plastic.

6) Stop bagging the planet – say NO to plastic bags.

7) No plastic is fantastic.


9) Do not laminate our mother earth!

10) Do something drastic, cut the plastic!

Ms. Neelima  //  French Faculty // Samsara School

Educate Children to Save Environment

Children are our future. This future can be bold and beautiful or dark and dreary. We can nurture a generation of environmental leaders who love and respond well to the environment by making choices to live, work and play in a way that respects our natural spaces.

We can follow simple tips to teach environmental lesson to the children. Always encourage children to use appropriate receptacle for their waste: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle as much as they can. Little things like packing a Waste-free lunch, get a favourite character reusable lunch bag, close the faucet while brushing and bathing, switch off the light when you are out of the room can make a powerful lesson for the children.

Use stickers as reward for the kids if they follow little steps to save environment. The same way you teach kids to respect others, you can teach them to respect nature. You can teach little ones about environment conservation and consequences of destroying the environment in play way manner.

Remember kids learn by playing!

Kirti Khanna // Samsara School