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I still remember, like it was yesterday when our School Principal called me and handed me over the ‘School Enterprise Challenge’ project. My association has always been with small children being a kindergarten teacher but since the day I have started working for SEC my routine has been RE-Routined!. SEC work is so interestingly besetting that it has given a new meaning to my otherwise everyday work life. Now, I am able to plan, interact, work and enjoy the company of senior students too. Our students are so enthusiastically involved in this project of ‘Healthy Bites’ making it contagious for each one of us involved. And on working Saturdays they are like bouncing balls, eager to take on the challenge of serving something new and interesting. The spark in their eyes always motivates me to do more and come up with a yummier slurppier menu for next time 🙂

This Sep 12th, our cookery club ‘Healthy Bites’ served UPMA to our school students and coincidently this time we had the company of the parents also to add onto the joy and energy of our young challengers. The efforts of our culinary experts were Tested, Tasted and appreciated by all.

Sharmishtha BhattacharyaSEC Representative | Samsara School


I am in the cooking club. I have taken this because I want to become a Chef. We are doing group work and every Saturday we are making something special and sell it to our school children and teachers. There are two teachers who instruct us to make our special dishes. Now recently we made Upma. I really enjoy it and I have started helping my mother in cooking now. I think I am really good in cooking now with my experience at SEC as I remember I didn’t know how to make anything but now I can make-cook-bake a lot of things.

Dhruv Sharma | Class VII


My experience has been great with School Enterprise Challenge till now. On Saturday 12th September we cooked Upma. I was very excited on this day. I learned how to make Upma and other things also. Upma was very good and delicious. I eat two bowls of Upma and I loved it. My friends also said “the food you and your club made was superb and very tasty”.

Ishita Rawat | Class VIII


This challenge is very exciting. We have prepared many things like Upma, Idli, Poha and a lot more. I have participated in all mostly for serving and I enjoy being a part of it. It has taught me to be a team player.

Ansh Goyal | Class VI


Upma that we ‘Made & Ate’ !

It was very tasty. Whatever we cook for SEC is very healthy. The ingredients we added to it were very healthy. During the SEC our skills have improved a lot. We have learnt many things like how to promote our business, maintain the label and popularity of our snacks. Also, due to this many teachers and students are inspired to eat healthy & hygienic food. Many children who were addicted to junk food have started eating healthy food. I feel proud!. I tried to cook Upma at home although it wasn’t that good but it was fine for eating. I guess I missed my school team, my buddies. Since we made Upma along with our friends’ hard work so, it tasted better.

Mohit Kumar & Aryan Nagar | Class X

Edited by: Namrata Gupta | Blogger | Samsara School

YES! To School Enterprise Challenge- Take errrr… Took the challenge !!


And like all good things happen with this, our very experience also started with a YES! Yes to School Enterprise Challenge. The School Enterprise Challenge is an international competition for schools to establish profitable students-led businesses. It aims to develop young people’s business and soft skills to better prepare them for the world of work and to develop their capacities as socially responsible entrepreneurs.

Like its said- If It Doesn’t Challenge You, It Doesn’t Change You. We gave chance to this challenge and trust us, only to change for better, wiser and more organised entities; eventually and gradually gorging our ways to those enterprising minds.

Change is what makes us, what we plan Today will give us a Tomorrow and there footed the foresight of Samsara and its keepers.

How many times do we hear the success of two-way streets to one-way ones..? We haven’t heard the latter one winning ever ….may be based on our limited experience but haven’t proved other way round even once yet.

The Learned and Educators will always need Learners and Students, and vice-versa. They don’t make a team unless both strive for one common goal. That’s where Samsara’s educators and enterprising minds aka students laid the footing for ‘Healthy Bites‘, our Cooking Club for students and teachers.

We fixed our eyes on this goal a couple of months ago and since then we have been walking hand-in-hand. Teachers have a vision and experiential years to lend while the students are the go-getters, fresh and bright minds with inquisitive ideas and million new ways of doing a thing. We together tapped on both, beautifully syncing into what came into picture as Healthy Bites.

A plan is nothing without execution no matter how brilliant it might be. Also, we believe an idea is as BIG or as SMALL depending on a whole lot of aspects: the socio-economic, cultural and geographical factors, the country and its people, their mindsets and awareness, availability and unavailability of resources.

At Samsara when we ask our students to dream BIG we tell them to think of ways to make it real as well. We don’t create fantasy worlds but give them the realistic pictures, facts and figures so, they have a plan of action and they are not left dreary through this walk of life.

Hence, our YES for SEC, giving students a great platform and foundation to base their dreams and skills for a better realistic future.

Coming up soon will be the raw, uncut & unaltered experiences of the Challengers of ‘Healthy Bites‘ Club, retaining the sanctity in their words and as the essence of SamsaraShots goes, its all about experiences, unheard tales and bundles of learnings.

Namrata Gupta | Blogger | Samsara School

Hello world!

And it’s time Samara bridges a new platform to form, create and share a more close-knit relation with all who are already part of our Samsara family and alongside, laying foundation for the new ones by giving a sneak peek into the lucid moments of The School and its Curators.

Getting interactive, knowing the core values and Ethos that our school and the teachers share with its students and the values that make them, so you are ensured that your most loved possession/your lifeline your child is in wise hands and discreet minds.
This blog aims and intents to water that personal touch we share with our students giving out to you the ‘First Hand Experiences, the ‘Unsaid Stories/Tales’ and ‘Bundles of Learning’ of the teachers and those of the students.

You will experience what goes behind through our words, expressions and reads we will offer from this blog onwards. And don’t worry we will make sure it never goes dull and boring. 🙂
We want you to know ‘Us’ for it necessitates to know the school. And that’s not it…we can brag a li’l on being good listeners 😉 and thus, would love to hear from you whenever there’s a thought worth sharing with us.

Creativity and arts are not our escape but they refill, rebuild and rejuvenate our true selves/personalities which need the timely brushing, glaming-glossing and pepping up
Hence SAMSARASHOTS……lets get high on life everyday!

Namrata Gupta | Blogger | Samsara School