Hello world!

And it’s time Samara bridges a new platform to form, create and share a more close-knit relation with all who are already part of our Samsara family and alongside, laying foundation for the new ones by giving a sneak peek into the lucid moments of The School and its Curators.

Getting interactive, knowing the core values and Ethos that our school and the teachers share with its students and the values that make them, so you are ensured that your most loved possession/your lifeline your child is in wise hands and discreet minds.
This blog aims and intents to water that personal touch we share with our students giving out to you the ‘First Hand Experiences, the ‘Unsaid Stories/Tales’ and ‘Bundles of Learning’ of the teachers and those of the students.

You will experience what goes behind through our words, expressions and reads we will offer from this blog onwards. And don’t worry we will make sure it never goes dull and boring. 🙂
We want you to know ‘Us’ for it necessitates to know the school. And that’s not it…we can brag a li’l on being good listeners 😉 and thus, would love to hear from you whenever there’s a thought worth sharing with us.

Creativity and arts are not our escape but they refill, rebuild and rejuvenate our true selves/personalities which need the timely brushing, glaming-glossing and pepping up
Hence SAMSARASHOTS……lets get high on life everyday!

Namrata Gupta | Blogger | Samsara School


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