Student-Teacher Relationship

The most important factor governing a student’s learning is dependant on the relationship he shares with his teacher(s).

Gone are the days of “spare the rod and spoil the child“. Today, teachers, better known as ‘facilitators‘, are making students aspire to be better graduates, better working professionals and even better individuals.

A teacher is faced with many daunting tasks. She needs to put herself in the shoes of her students in order to understand them well, and quickly get a feel of their hang-ups. Taking up this profession means taking up responsibility of many young, unexposed children. It requires devoted listening ears and a compassionate heart to her students.

Empathy is an indispensable quality for all teachers to possess. Besides IQ, it is very important for teachers to understand every student’s EQ (Emotional Quotient) as well.

That’s how the beautiful relationship of a mentor and a mentee is nurtured. The ‘growing up‘ phase is one dilemma for the students, when they usually fall back on their peers for advice.

Mistakes committed at this age can at times prove to be scarring. Since a child spends a majority of his time at school, it is more likely that his teachers would be in a better position to influence his decisions, after his friends.

Those blessed with facilitators who can guide them correctly, should consider themselves lucky. According to a survey done in the United States, a teacher-student relationship has been identified as a significant influence on the overall school and behavioural adjustment. Positive teacher-student relationships, defined as “warm, close, communicative” are linked to behavioural competence and better school adjustment. Other researchers found that conflict in teacher-student relationships are related to unfavourable outcomes such as a negative school attitude, school avoidance and hostile aggression among students.

A healthy student-teacher relationship is a vehicle that contributes to optimum student learning; a relationship that becomes a motivator for those involved in the learning experience.

Sunayana Gupta | Sr. Academic Coordinator | Samsara School


Staying Put In Here Is Being In A Constant State of Flux | The World of Books

Soaring on the carriage of imaginations steered with wings of reality…Galloping us away from the purgatories of life, and sometimes imperilling us with the hardships of emotional gamut, our oldest and BFF (best friend forever, just in case you don’t have your dictionary on millennial slangs handy 😉 …they are The Books and our eternal love for them.

We have one life, but with these storehouses of knowledge, the allusions to literature and to life and with their endless yarns of fantasy we live a new one, with every good read.

It’s an exploration without crossing the ranges, going to adventures without having us risk our life and solving treasure mysteries swivelling right in our living room rockers. They engross us to the extent of enduring the risks, sorrows, entrapments while touching happiness, romance & freedom in others with the empowering words making us live each story and every character.

When fiction becomes reality and reality liven these paper leaves, they make an essay, an edition, a fiction, a novel, a manual…A BOOK!!

What will be a world without books, devoid of our epics & legends, missing our virtues coming down through the lineage of cultures & traditions, and our insights to our ancestral life. They are the world, our guides to life and civilisation – everything comes from them, reflections, knowledge and our get-away fantasy worlds. Without a doubt, a world deprived of books can be nothing but totally barbaric…isn’t it ?

Books are the dare to dream & the dream fillers and being amidst them, is an eventful world within reach. You feel like an explorer one day and a dreamer on second….that’s the magic spread by books and how mystical it can get when its a house full of art, histories & mysteries, literature & ancient artefacts, fables & science fictions.

For book lovers it’s the best playground, the playwright of feelings, thoughts, emotions and imaginations.

By forming the source of our evolving thoughts and opening up closed mindsets, they are the lanterns to a good man, always torching out the path of wisdom and righteousness.

So, let’s have it straight from our young babbling (many) horses’ mouth 😉 with their experiences captured in these few lines and how can we forget their inspiration..their wondrous library teacher.

As we all know books are our best friend in life. They share our emotions like sorrow, happiness and joy with us. As books play an important role in an individual’s life, it has the power of fulfilling one’s knowledge with entire world. So, my experience as a librarian has been wonderful. I felt a huge change in myself, I started loving reading various novels & exchanging thoughts among children. In these years, I have observed a change in my thoughts and it continues with each day, and this was the lightening path showed by the grace of books.

Every day I try to imbibe the same respect for books through the lens of my acquired and ongoing journey towards the ocean of knowledge. Guiding Samsarians through this journey so they can evolve and carve out their worlds, with better sanity and foresight for humanity and for the assets of this planet, reads a long chapter of my life voyage.

Naina Dhingra | Librarian

The story I’d read was very good. There is a sea monster who ride motorcycles and it talked about races also. Overall the book was very interesting.

Vishal Bhati | Class VI

A.J., the child in the book hates going to school but I feel it’s wrong, we should go to school regularly. 

Kajal Bhati | Class VI

Vampires don’t wear polka dots- In this book, a teacher loses it because of naughty troublesome students, so reading this one makes it more interesting. Also, there’s a dare too!

Shaireen | Class VI

My true friends are my books as they remain forever.

Somya | Class VIII

I like Thursdays very much because on this day there is Library period. I feel so quiet and peaceful while in the library and so, I try to read as many books possible, especially Noddy.

Harsh Yadav

How not to babysit your brother- In this book the boy loves to play video games. And he enjoys them more when his mom is out for shopping.

Anshika | Class IV

I love this place ‘Library’ just because it is the ‘Home of Books’.


I love to go to library because I have so much interest in books. It’s always a pleasure for me to read and study in silence.

Manisha Bhati | Class VI

I simply like to read because books are exciting.

Akanksha | Class VIII

I like reading very much. I never miss going to library period on Tuesdays and when I get there, I’m always thinking on which book to read today. Mostly I pick up fairy tales because they are very interesting.

Priyanshi | Class III

So, long live reading. Give your life the choice of reading ‘coz everyone’s a reader, it’s only some haven’t found their favourite book yet!

Namrata Gupta | Blogger | Samsara School

Inclusive Education | An Embrace To Special Needs

On the Footway of Education, every Teacher can recount numerous highs and lows experienced while walking their journeys across it.

To break my story, I experienced both; great moments withe days starting with hope-excitement and contentment seeping in with the fall of dusk, assuring me that I chose the right path while on the crossroads of career choices, just sometime ago.

Flipping sides, were days of contemplation questioning the same career choice; an obvious fallout of uninterested students and shying away attitudes, or worse unanticipated blow-ups with zero accomplishments.

My journey of Inclusive Education started a year ago, growing from 8 special students to 10 beautifully evolved beings now. One of the simplest qualities we as humans should attribute (but we often fail) can be seen in abundance in all these children- Truth & Loyalty of the heart.

I started my career only as a fresher with these children but with their support and smiles, I grew to work harder with full enthusiasm and devotion, casting out all the inhibitions in me of a Fresher.

As a Teacher, your relationship with a student starts the moment you meet him/her. No matter how difficult a student may be, you need to embrace the challenge of getting to know him/her. Every child is different and each one deserves love.

Life has enough hard knocks in-store for a child who struggles with education in different ways but you may be one of those few people the child believes can take care of him/her. This could make a difference in the choices they make everyday in life, or to the least in their decision of not to disrupt the regular class. They all have the courage to do something good in life. All we need to do is Hear them, Know them & Trust them.

It has come quite naturally to me that I feel bonded with my students and form endearing relationships in no matter of time. This acts as strength in getting my learnings across, improvising their attention spans and building responsiveness in them.

As a Special Educator, I firmly believe that one needs to build a healthy rapport with the students first, for them to really listen and do their best.

Teaching is a very active job, especially with these sensitive areas where establishing relationships with students is imperative, before exposing them to the regular academic curriculum.

For me one thing that holds vital importance while playing the role of an Educator is to form a positive relationship with parents in order to make them aware and give an in-depth understanding of the child’s areas of assistance. I quickly feel defeated when that doesn’t happen. I am often discouraged when parents are not ready to accept the reality of their child, which in-turn only leads to child’s loss.

Regardless of the level of Education a child can attain in life, whatever they learn today should clear their concepts for life, which is unattainable without the support and comfort of the Educator as well as of the Parents.

It’s heart breaking to see a child who was once highly motivated, now no longer shows interest because his/her parents fail to understand the true value of Education and download this expression to their child.

Children are people who have feelings, who don’t want to feel cornered. They want to learn but they also want to feel as if they have some control over themselves. I never make assumptions about a student before they come into my class.

Every student is different; no two students react in the same way. It’s our role as teachers to find out what motivates each student for learning and also what triggers them to misbehave. If we can meet this disconnect in them and drive out the negative stimulants, we can go a long way towards a more effective classroom and learning environment.

In the end, all these challenges are equally difficult and when combined, as they often are on a daily basis, almost impossible to juggle. On most days, I feel like I’m part of the juggling act in a circus. But-despite the hardships I’ve faced in my teaching – I’m determined to beat the odds and not be a statistic.

Special Education Is My Calling & I’d Always Want To Feel The Same Love For My Job As I Do Now !!


Ritika Tomar | Special Educator | Samsara School


Edited by: Namrata Gupta | Blogger | Samsara School

Values in the Trivialities of Life

Micro and Macro Economics are two major branches of Economics. I remember how my Teacher used to make us understand the difference between the two, “Macro economics is what is applicable at the National or society level while Micro economics is the application of same concept at a smaller level of an individual or family etc.”

With the wisdom of these growing and passing years, I now, know the veiled relevance behind it.

If to run and develop a Nation, contribution of all on a whole is required like in Japan & Korea, similarly, to run a household contribution of each member is a must. If we just keep using the resources of a country and furthermore in homes, it will only won’t put us in the position of a GUEST, temporary to the nation & to the house.

To be treated like one of the family and to boot the luxuries of having one, we need to start contributing and air the attitude of service. Put aside the egos we home in us, for taking up small tasks and aerial spire Humility. Absence of it will only lead to regret & resent the benefits of others.

My contribution to the household today was:

  1. Dusting the house as it is for everyone
  2. Setting clothes
  3. Filling water bottles
  4. Filling water in cooler
  5. Watering plants
  6. Soaking clothes
  7. Removing and later fixing curtains after wash

My contribution to myself was…

  1. Eating healthy breakfast
  2. Doing little yoga
  3. My blood check up at a camp in society
  4. Talking and chatting to my friends
  5. Later reading a book/writing my book
  6. Fixing and sewing my dress

Even to the smallest of acts like cleaning cheese cage & opening main door to the bell also serve as mindful hand-outs.

So, Get up….Gear up & Show up for all the small & big jobs of the house, do the daily chores, be responsible for yourself, your family-friends-neighbors, to your society/nation and topmost towards this human form.

Respect it! Play your role of a humanitarian.

Capt. Praveen Roy | Principal | Samsara School

Edited by: Namrata Gupta | Blogger | Samsara School