Destined To Be A Teacher

Born in a Bengali Business family, my father always dreamt of me being a business woman and running an independent set up. All through my growing years, I heard my Dad & his brothers talking about clients, business pitching ideas, sales and profits & losses. These were the words that kept echoing in our house forming a part of my childhood.
Keeping up to the family tradition, I joined MBA, went to London to learn the art of management and completed all the semesters with flying colours. On my return, I started working on a project report, my maiden business venture that I wished to start. It didn’t take me long to realise that I was missing on the interest and enthusiasm required to envision it as my future calling. Although, I didn’t quit right away and continued, thinking it must be just a momentary phase. However, I soon comprehended that I need to speak with my parents about it.

I was one of the lucky people, who always received relentless support from my family. So, they suggested me to take time off and then decide on the future course of action. It so happened that one of my friends suggested me to contemplate a career in teaching. Being a teacher herself, she gave me a clear understanding of this field of Education.

Because of my capable communication & writing skills, I didn’t find it difficult to get through to one of the schools. Of course, I had to go through the mandatory rounds of interviews. It was an interesting and an overwhelming change.

And there I was, in the midst of a place where there were many children chitchatting, laughing, cracking jokes and enjoying themselves. This is how I became a teacher! 

Sometimes we don’t plan rather the plan makes us move in a course that is well paved and destined for us, each one of us.

It was my destiny which got me here. It was my natural exuberance to be the part of this Education world. It’s been almost nine years now, that I’ve been fitting well in this mould of a Teacher; teaching the children of all age groups.

Every day dawns a radical change, a new challenge, a new chapter, a broader perspective & evergreen learnings. Even the students make you learn so much. And why not, after all they are the avant-grade of the unorthodox future. It’s not only the academics that we are talking about but the way of living which you learn. This is a way of life for me, my innate forte and, it defines me perfectly. 

I Learn everyday, I Grow with each experience, I TEACH !!

Shivangi B. Kapur | Educator | Samsara School

Edited by: Namrata Gupta | Blogger | Samsara School


Know It All…Do we? Or It’s Time to Introspect…

Amidst the hustle-bustle of this life, when we don’t get time to breathe, with the lineup of work plunging onto even that fraction of free second, our Moments of Realizations are lost and escaped.

We might create the cover of hump-sized egos but the reality will never fade its way through. Our work places are not relaxed zones giving room for realizations & revelations….we need to pull back, take time off and sit back, be still whilst the world is on a fast track mode.

So, I took off! And thankfully got some time to reflect. Introspection is very important to keep reminding oneself to be in the righteous path. It dawned on me “O’Lord, You have given me so much responsibility. Responsibility to produce assets for the society. Please, Almighty always guide me so I do not do wrong to anyone even by mistake.

This thought stemmed from yesterday’s experience when a parent came to seek advice about their non performing teenage child. The child remains alone at home as both the parents are working. This child spends most of her/his time watching TV. As soon as s/he hears the sound of approaching parents s/he switches off the television out of fear of being scolded, which is a very usual case in most of the families.
I wondered how can the child study, how can s/he study or focus. When the child returns home from school, there’s no one to welcome him/her. There’s no one to give that warm smile. Clearly the feeling of boredom and loneliness will breed in and thus, watching T.V. is an easy gluey option.

I again dig into the reasons and realize that our material wants and desires have become too big to be gratified with one income.
So, what’s the option? Are we trapped in a vicious circle? If there’s a problem, there has to be a solution. In such changed family responsibility scenario, it becomes very important to teach the children to be real and realistic.
It came to me why not begin with taking their help in small family chores, be there to help them with their student life, be their companion in wrapping their books, be with them on weekends, listen to the stories from their text, may be try to read out a lesson to them or ask them out of curiosity the information pertaining to their subject. Take interest in their TV serials, appreciate their ideas, seek their opinion and talk to them as we would talk to another adult.

How we normally react to their mistake is that we scream at them or insult them and make them realize that we adults KNOW IT ALL and we try to impose our ideas on them. Instead the mistake can be handled differently. I shall explain with this personal example. Last week my child lost her ATM card. She reported the matter to me and said sorry. My reply to her was, “this is not the way we react when we lose an ATM card. Rather we call up the bank and get it blocked and apply for a new card.” Now the child realized to be more careful next time at the same time has learnt how to handle the difficult situation. Also, the child has got this bond as the trust was strengthened with my controlled temper and understanding.

The other reaction would have been that I would have shouted at my child for losing the card and she would have felt offended. It would give both of us stress and there would have been no recovery of the card. Next time my child would hide things from me because of the fear of being scolded.

So, the Choice is Yours. You have to be responsible to expect responsibility from others, you have to invest time and trust in relationship to expect it from your children, and you have to learn to give respect before expecting it from the children.

Find the missing block to complete your Lego!

Capt. Praveen Roy | Principal | Samsara School

Edited by: Namrata Gupta | Blogger | Samsara School

Hello world!

And it’s time Samara bridges a new platform to form, create and share a more close-knit relation with all who are already part of our Samsara family and alongside, laying foundation for the new ones by giving a sneak peek into the lucid moments of The School and its Curators.

Getting interactive, knowing the core values and Ethos that our school and the teachers share with its students and the values that make them, so you are ensured that your most loved possession/your lifeline your child is in wise hands and discreet minds.
This blog aims and intents to water that personal touch we share with our students giving out to you the ‘First Hand Experiences, the ‘Unsaid Stories/Tales’ and ‘Bundles of Learning’ of the teachers and those of the students.

You will experience what goes behind through our words, expressions and reads we will offer from this blog onwards. And don’t worry we will make sure it never goes dull and boring. 🙂
We want you to know ‘Us’ for it necessitates to know the school. And that’s not it…we can brag a li’l on being good listeners 😉 and thus, would love to hear from you whenever there’s a thought worth sharing with us.

Creativity and arts are not our escape but they refill, rebuild and rejuvenate our true selves/personalities which need the timely brushing, glaming-glossing and pepping up
Hence SAMSARASHOTS……lets get high on life everyday!

Namrata Gupta | Blogger | Samsara School