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I still remember, like it was yesterday when our School Principal called me and handed me over the ‘School Enterprise Challenge’ project. My association has always been with small children being a kindergarten teacher but since the day I have started working for SEC my routine has been RE-Routined!. SEC work is so interestingly besetting that it has given a new meaning to my otherwise everyday work life. Now, I am able to plan, interact, work and enjoy the company of senior students too. Our students are so enthusiastically involved in this project of ‘Healthy Bites’ making it contagious for each one of us involved. And on working Saturdays they are like bouncing balls, eager to take on the challenge of serving something new and interesting. The spark in their eyes always motivates me to do more and come up with a yummier slurppier menu for next time 🙂

This Sep 12th, our cookery club ‘Healthy Bites’ served UPMA to our school students and coincidently this time we had the company of the parents also to add onto the joy and energy of our young challengers. The efforts of our culinary experts were Tested, Tasted and appreciated by all.

Sharmishtha BhattacharyaSEC Representative | Samsara School


I am in the cooking club. I have taken this because I want to become a Chef. We are doing group work and every Saturday we are making something special and sell it to our school children and teachers. There are two teachers who instruct us to make our special dishes. Now recently we made Upma. I really enjoy it and I have started helping my mother in cooking now. I think I am really good in cooking now with my experience at SEC as I remember I didn’t know how to make anything but now I can make-cook-bake a lot of things.

Dhruv Sharma | Class VII


My experience has been great with School Enterprise Challenge till now. On Saturday 12th September we cooked Upma. I was very excited on this day. I learned how to make Upma and other things also. Upma was very good and delicious. I eat two bowls of Upma and I loved it. My friends also said “the food you and your club made was superb and very tasty”.

Ishita Rawat | Class VIII


This challenge is very exciting. We have prepared many things like Upma, Idli, Poha and a lot more. I have participated in all mostly for serving and I enjoy being a part of it. It has taught me to be a team player.

Ansh Goyal | Class VI


Upma that we ‘Made & Ate’ !

It was very tasty. Whatever we cook for SEC is very healthy. The ingredients we added to it were very healthy. During the SEC our skills have improved a lot. We have learnt many things like how to promote our business, maintain the label and popularity of our snacks. Also, due to this many teachers and students are inspired to eat healthy & hygienic food. Many children who were addicted to junk food have started eating healthy food. I feel proud!. I tried to cook Upma at home although it wasn’t that good but it was fine for eating. I guess I missed my school team, my buddies. Since we made Upma along with our friends’ hard work so, it tasted better.

Mohit Kumar & Aryan Nagar | Class X

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